Friday, 25 July 2014

Hidden treasure

I am often surprised that I can still be surprised in Saltaire, knowing the place as well as I do. Taking my habitual lunch-break walk, I suddenly noticed this... office? shop? gallery?  I wasn't quite sure. It's situated beneath the Information Centre, in the part of Salts Mill that was at one time Sir Titus Salt's private quarters (though he actually lived in a mansion over towards Halifax). It turns out to be the studio headquarters of The Art Rooms, though there is not a lot to give it away.

The Art Rooms is a small company, started in 2007 by Jacky Al-Samarraie. She produces a range of lovely things: bone china mugs, greetings cards, tableware, cushions, notebooks and prints with a range of mostly landscape-inspired scenes. Many are simple, graphic, black and white images married with a distinctive block of rich colour. Some have a more oriental flavour. I have admired them for some time in high end shops and galleries, including our own Salts Mill, though I didn't realise Jacky had found a base in Saltaire.

Some of her most recent designs include a range celebrating the recent Tour De France Yorkshire Grand Départ. Two of the mugs (below) provided a perfect gift for my daughter and son-in-law. She has even done some Saltaire designs.  Take a look at her website, I'm sure you'll be impressed.  She mostly sells to trade (look in the up-market, larger department stores) but also through her website, where you can pick up slight seconds at reasonable prices (if, like me, you can't afford the high end shops very often!)


  1. It is great, when photographing becomes a voyage of discovery, as it should be.

  2. What a fun discovery! I love the stone work!

  3. I could never understand why Titus lived over here rather than at Saltaire. There was nothing particularly pleasant or grant about Crow Park and the commute must have been quite a journey. I am almost tempted to hire a horse and cart to see how long it takes!

  4. What fun to discover something new!

  5. These mugs are wonderful! And, a timely match for the Tour de France's recent visit to Yorkshire. I hope she sells them all quickly while the spirit of the Tour is still in the air.


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