Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Saltaire Bookshop

One last Tour de France related post, this time to show that even places not directly on the race route still wanted to play their part in creating a festive atmosphere. Saltaire, though close, didn't feature on the itinerary (they don't know what they missed!) but there was still a bit of a competition to find the best decorations. Saltaire Bookshop won, with this witty series of placards, featuring, among other titles:
'Hard Climbs' by What the Dickens
'Down and Up in Paris and Leeds' by George Orwheel
'A Life on 21 Stages' by Frances de la Tour
'The Girl with the Bicycle Tattoo' by Penny Farthing
'Feel the Gear and Do it Anyway' by Simone de Railleurs

Saltaire Bookshop deserves a mention as being one of those little gems that are a struggling breed - the independent bookseller. Indeed, the owner David Ford put out a heartfelt plea for customers recently when takings dropped to an all-time low, not helped by the ongoing roadworks at the top of the village at the time. Not to be confused with the bookshop in Salts Mill itself, this one is situated near the top of Saltaire Road, in the row of houses called Myrtle Place. The shop is in quite an imposing house that was once a doctor's surgery. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays. Well worth a visit, they sell second-hand books as well as new titles and it's a great place to browse. They will order books for you too and run an active Book Club, with visits and book signings from authors. David is a keen ambassador for Saltaire and is very active in promoting local shops - a vital part of the village.  


  1. It would be hard to compete with the bookstore in the Mill at least in certain categories. I hope it survives.

  2. I also really like such tiny hidden gems...and its sad that local shops like these are struggling to survive. I hope David manages to keep it afloat...
    -- Houseboat of a common man

  3. While I find myself regretting the demise of local shops I realise that I don't use them as much as I used to - or ought to. "Rider Haggard" should have been in there somewhere!

  4. It sounds a nice bookshop. It is hard for bookshops now with on line shops and ebooks. I hope your bookshop survives.

  5. Hi Jenny
    I have enjoyed following you coverage of Le Tour, but then it is always pleasant to follow you uploads.
    Poul Thorsen

  6. Have enjoyed all your fabulous shots and chat about LTF Jenny, you got fabulous images to remember the event.. Does The Black Prince last post get dressed up regularly ? We have a statue here that gets adorned in garb relevant to whatever's going on around :)

    1. No, never seen it happen before - but that might be fun.

  7. I was enjoying the tale about the bookstore's support for the bike race. I wish the story you told about the struggles it faces was unusual, but unfortunately all bookstores are having a hard time as e-books increasingly take over. I like holding a paper book in my hands, but lots of people are going for the convenience and lower cost of e-books.

  8. More and more bookstores are adding a line a gifts or crafts or setting up a small cafe in order to make ends meet. A very difficult business climate for them these days.


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