Sunday, 3 August 2014

For or against?

Many Saltaire residents are dismayed and disgruntled at the local council's decision to allow Shipley College to demolish greenhouses in their horticultural studies garden to construct a new teaching block, specifically for students with learning difficulties and disabilities. The design has been modified after public consultation - an artist's impression of the building is here - but lots of people still aren't happy. This area is not actually part of the World Heritage Site (or Salt's original village), though where I was standing to take the photo is.

To the left of my photo is Salts Mill, some allotments and Caroline's (the local club, itself a bit of an eyesore, though serving a very worthwhile community purpose). There are concerns that the new build will spoil the views and will be too modern and not in keeping with its surroundings. The architects are a firm based within Saltaire and noted for contemporary eco-builds. They and the planners counter that an obviously modern building, built to sustainable principles, will be better than a 'pastiche' of the older buildings in the area, including the College's Exhibition Building shown in my photo.

The area it will be built on is currently a garden and rather pretty when you get inside it (see here and here) - but it is not open to the public (apart from at festival times as part of the Open Gardens days) nor even very visible, because of the high hedge.

An aerial view of the site (bottom left), taken from the top of Salts Mill chimney

I can see reason on both sides and I'm glad it's not me that has to make those kinds of decisions!


  1. A shame to loose those gardens for those who have something truly useful for them. Thank your sor sharing this and add our voice to your concern if you get the opportunity.

  2. It will be interesting to see what happens! Hope they can make a nice compromise.

  3. Change isn't always well received or always the best option. Thanks for your information in helping me solve the mystery sculpture

  4. I love seeing a different part of the world through your lens... (o:


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