Saturday, 2 August 2014

Random - pink and blue

Walking to work the other day, I noticed a blue car parked close up by a low wall, with three flower heads peeping up through the narrow gap. I thought: 'that looks pretty' and walked on, then suddenly decided it might make a good image so I doubled back and whipped my iPhone out. I get slightly bothered what people will think of me taking pictures (apparently) of someone's car, so I didn't take more than a second to snap it. Sometimes, quick 'snaps' are all the more satisfying for not being overly analysed or pre-meditated.

The plant, I have discovered, is a herb called Valerian, which grows all over the place here as a weed. Its roots are used as a remedy for insomnia, amongst other things.  Perhaps passing this every day explains why I feel ready to fall asleep again as soon as I get to work!


  1. That turned out great! And you didn't get your finger in the shot! haha.

  2. Nice catch Jenny! There are little treasures everywhere if we just open our eyes to their possible beauty!


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