Friday, 22 August 2014

Salts Mill at home

A friend brought me some lilies the other day. They are heavily scented, so that now the whole house smells fragrant - just like Salts Mill. (They always have huge vases full of lilies in the 1853 Gallery in the mill. You can even smell them outside when you're walking past!)  The only snag with lilies is the pollen, which stains everything. I generally cut the stamens off when the buds open.

They looked so lovely in the early morning light that I spent a few minutes photographing them before leaving for work. It was a quick snap and an even quicker processing operation on my iPhone apps, but I like the result.


  1. I do love these lilies and I don't mind the stamens. The only place I don't want them is in a restaurant where the perfume is too strong for food. At home - yes please

  2. Save this one for your church's Easter program. LOVE the smell of lilies. (I remove stamens, too.)


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