Thursday, 7 August 2014

Take the high road

I turned left down the lane from The Fisherman's pub, to follow a circular walk along the bank of the River Aire back to Saltaire.  It's a path we used to take quite often when we lived in Bingley, years ago, but it seemed rather overgrown in parts so I guess it's not a popular walk nowadays. At one time it was a peaceful valley, but then they decided to build the Bingley bypass on stilts right across it. There was opposition at the time and I well remember a band of eco-warriors setting up 'Rye Loaf Camp' in this area, with tree-houses and tents. The campers were not, on the whole, local people and after several months and a good deal of local opposition, the camp disintegrated. Many residents, especially in Bingley, welcomed the 'relief road' to reduce congestion through the town itself and, by and large, I think it has been a successful development. Measures were taken to protect some valuable marshland and anyway nature is usually quick to re-colonise after a disturbance. You can see (and hear) the road but it seems to me a better option than the congestion that preceded it, although that continues further down the road towards Shipley, where a bypass is not really a viable option.


  1. It's still pretty, even with the overpass. At least they didn't paint it orange. ha.

    1. Heheh, thank goodness they didn't! One orange bridge in the area is enough.


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