Thursday, 14 August 2014


The Thwaite Mills site not only has the mill buildings but also Thwaite House, a Georgian home built in 1823 that was originally the mill manager's residence. Like many houses of that period it is neatly symmetrical, akin to the houses that children tend to draw. It is a Grade II listed building (like many of the properties in Saltaire) and retains many original features inside too, such as the splendid cooking range, a familiar sight in most family homes right up to my grandparents' generation. The black metal contraption to the right was for roasting joints of meat in front of the fire. I rather liked the vast roll-top desk too, with all those lovely little drawers. Perhaps it was where the wages were calculated and the sales noted, and perhaps the household accounts were carefully drawn up here too.


  1. That desk would have been the external hard-drive of its day; storing all the data just in case it was needed later - but visually rather more attractive.

  2. I like this desk vey much! It seems to have many places to hide secrets ! :)
    The room has kept a special mood .

  3. Lovely interiors. Until fairly recently, you could still come across nice roll-top desks in offices - older insurance companies, law firms etc.

  4. I really loved roll top desks like that when I was a lot younger but never found one that I both liked and could afford. These days I am awfully glad that I never got one.


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