Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hollywood comes to town

Just dashing to the station the other day on my way to London, I was confronted by all these white vans parked outside Salts Mill on Victoria Road. I didn't have time to investigate (hardly had time to take a photo!) but I have since found out that they have been filming parts of a new Hollywood movie in Saltaire and Salts Mill. The local paper says it is 'A Hunter's Prayer' starring Sam Worthington, a thriller about a solitary assassin hired to kill a teenage girl. Instead they form a bond and are hunted across Europe. Sounds like a good story... no doubt we will all be trying to see which bits were filmed in our locality!

The Bradford area has always prided itself on its creative links to film, so much so that it was given the accolade of the world's first UNESCO 'City of Film'. There are organisations very active in finding locations and enticing film-makers to Yorkshire, and of course Bradford hosts the National Media Museum too.  So, if you like film - come!


  1. But will the actors be able to do a convincing local accent?

  2. Yes, I've heard that Saltaire can be murder at this time of year.

  3. Hi Jenny - fascinating .. and definitely yes I'll keep my eyes open for the film "A Hunter's Prayer" ...

    Take care and I do hope you can have a really peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year .. cheers Hilary

  4. We are terrible we spent the whole time pausing TV's 'Happy Valley' and 'Last Tango in Halifax' trying to guess places we knew!

  5. Saltaire is the set for movies? That does make sense to me. It is such a well-preserved and picturesque place. You will tell us when the movie is released, right?

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