Friday, 26 December 2014


Some local businesses in Saltaire are involved in providing decorated Advent windows this year too. This stylish design is in the office window of the architects Rance, Booth, Smith on Victoria Road, right in the centre of the village.

Look at the website to see all the windows (plus a village map) or follow the Facebook page.


  1. It's extremely well done, but even so I think I still prefer the more home made-efforts. We see enough (too many) interpretations of Christmas through the eyes of graphic artists and design teams - but far too few expressions of the Christmas spirit from the general population.

  2. Sooooo pretty!
    And thanks for the link too.
    Many creative people where you are.
    Beautiful windows!
    Happy Christmas time and GOD JUL from me in Stavanger / Norway.

  3. Very pretty. If only it could influence the Middle East. I hope you are having a lovely Xmas.

  4. It's beautiful! I'm off to check out your link, Jenny!

  5. I love that one! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Did you get your fingerless gloves?

  6. Nice. This is a more modern interpretation than some previous ones.


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