Sunday, 7 June 2015


The little community garden at Hirst Lock has matured and is looking very pretty; it's hard to remember now that about four years ago it was quite a bleak and bare area, until the Hirst Wood Regeneration Group decided to create something for people to enjoy. Behind it the wildlife reserve is coming along well, though it looks a bit too manicured at present. I suppose getting the hard landscaping of walls, seats and paths in place is important and the planting (and wildlife hopefully) will soon establish itself to soften it all.


  1. The nature looks is nice. Very pretty indeed.

  2. Pretty is the right word for this, Jenny!

  3. Jennyfreckles! It has been WEEKS since I have been able to visit. Since I left for Africa in mid-May, you have had dragon races, gardening competitions, many visits to artists and craftsmen, acquired a wire bird and had a photography exhibition. You didn't miss me!


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