Thursday, 4 June 2015

The 'Fringe'

All the best festivals have a 'fringe' - and Saltaire Arts Trail is no different. There were a number of other exhibitions - Leeds Photographic Society on the top floor of Salts Mill, Saltaire Art Club in the Methodist Church and my own church's photography group exhibition in St Peter's Church. I was pleased with the way it looked once we had got all the photos displayed and gratified at some of the comments made about my own work. We had quite a good number of visitors too, so it was worth the effort.


  1. I am so sorry I never made it over to the exhibition. We had intended to come but Amy and her illness intervened. I am pleased - but not in the least surprised - that some nice comments were made about your work. You have a very fine eye indeed.

  2. It would be fun for you to enter and to see all that good work on the walls.

  3. I'm glad your exhibition was a success, Jenny!


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