Wednesday, 22 July 2015

And finally...

... two images that in some ways sum up my impressions of Bruges and its enduring beauty. The Markt was reflected rather engagingly in a large mirrored sculpture in the square, part of a large collection of fairly avante-garde 'installations' dotted around as part of the city's triennial Arts Festival. I can't imagine any tourist coming away without some kind of photo of this!

The little lane below is Balstraat, in the Sint Anna district. Away from the busy city centre, this area is a quieter, residential part of town. It has some interesting attractions such as a lace museum and the Museum of Folklore. I spent several happy hours wandering its pretty lanes, enjoying the sense of timelessness.


  1. Hi Jenny - just wonderful photos and I can definitely see the attraction - Bruges is always somewhere I've wanted to visit ... Lovely ... cheers Hilary

  2. I love those back-alleys with their pantile roofs and shuttered windows.

  3. Love both shots but would really like wandering those lanes!


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