Sunday, 12 July 2015

Impressions of Bruges #7

I tend to associate windmills with Holland, but there are many windmills in Belgium too. Bruges has several, preserved from the days when they were used to mill grain. This is an example of a timber-stilt mill, one of four remaining on the north-east perimeter of the city. This one, St John's House Mill, was in use from 1770-1914. It is open to the public... provided you're brave enough and fit enough for the very steep climb up the vertiginous staircase. (More of a ladder really!)  I was really proud that I managed it, even though I hate ladders and heights. But the view over the city from the platform was lovely and it was interesting to hear the sails revolving and see the mechanism inside. My legs were shaking by the time I got to the top and I had to steel myself to climb back down, but actually that didn't seem quite as scary as going up had been.


  1. Just been back and checked out your Bruges series Jenny, such a pretty spot. You have a couple of bicycle shots there that would be perfect for August theme day :)

  2. You were brave to climb up there, Jenny!


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