Saturday, 4 July 2015

Markenfield's gardens

Markenfield Hall
The charming gardens, still being restored and restocked, complement both the ancient hall and the surrounding countryside. You can see right across to the North Yorkshire hills and moors from the terrace.
The moat is home to a number of ducks; their ducklings were dashing around as though they were battery-powered! There are also two resident black swans, which are unusual in this country. Beyond the moat and accessed across a footbridge is a lovely orchard, filled with exuberant lady lace at this time of year. The whole is encircled by farmland, with both crops and cattle evident. All utterly idyllic....


  1. Looks gorgeous ... what an incredible place ... so pleased it's being restored etc ... cheers Hilary

  2. Imagine living in such a place! So wonderful, Jenny!

  3. You should be the historian of Yorkshire!

  4. What a gorgeous place this is!


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