Friday, 3 July 2015

Rose-covered entrance

Markenfield Hall
Lord Grantley died in 1995. His widow, Lady Deirdre, has since married the writer Ian Curteis. Theirs was the first wedding in the Hall's chapel since 1487. Together they continue the restoration of this lovely estate. (See here for an interesting article.) Lady Deirdre apparently takes a close interest in the beautiful gardens, which are also being restocked and improved. She is a charming lady; we were fortunate enough to meet her as we looked around. The main entrance is covered with a tumble of wisteria and climbing roses, unashamedly romantic.


  1. Hi Jenny - stunning story line, with incredible history - even to this present day - and beautiful photos .. isn't it romantic ... cheers Hilary

  2. This looks a wonderful place, Jenny - beautifully photographed (we expect no less!). It's definitely going on the list. Belated 'Happy Birthday' - it seems you had a fabulous day.


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