Monday, 20 July 2015

Tyne Cot war cemetery

Tyne Cot is one of the largest British and Commonwealth burial grounds in Belgium for the dead of WWI. It also has a memorial wall listing the names of some of the missing, those whose remains have never been found. Some of the gravestones themselves are carved with names but many, many of them are simply inscribed 'A Soldier of the Great War. Known unto God'.

The cemetery is a strangely peaceful place, despite the many visitors. It continues to be beautifully looked after by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. I was glad to have seen it when the roses were blooming. The gashes of red against the white stone seemed an evocative symbol.


  1. Lovely photo, you're right, the red roses and the white stone is very symbolic. Very interesting posts with some great photos.

  2. Tyne Cot is an astonishing place, built round old German blockhouses whivch became casualty clearing stations. Your photo captures it beautifully; you're right about the roses!

  3. It is a beautiful place. The curving of the plot makes it into an interesting layout. Being surrounded by the wall makes it more private.

  4. I have not seen this cemetery, though I have seen cemeteries at the Normandy beaches and Arlington National Cemetery. Military cemeteries are moving, in large part because they serve as memorials for large numbers of dead soldiers who died at nearly the same time, so there is a uniformity and immensity in those cemeteries not seen elsewhere.


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