Sunday, 6 September 2015

A blasted heath

So... I set off for an energetic walk that was going to take me up into the hills and through a lovely forest. The path certainly went up and as I climbed higher, the wind got stronger... (I could barely get a comb through my tangled hair when I got home!) Despite the wind it was a hazy kind of day, though the views up the Aire valley were magnificent even so.  I successfully negotiated a field of cattle and headed over a ridge towards the forest....

Haha! The loggers had got there before me - and fairly recently too, by the looks of it. All there was left were a few stumps, some untidy branches, a lone tree left standing and some piles of logs. A blasted heath if ever I saw one.

I did, however, enjoy the sight of the purple heather coming into bloom on the moorland over yonder.


  1. Two first photos are great and it looks like a great place for a walk.

  2. Sad to see a forest gone, Jenny!

  3. Looks a bit sad now without the trees, but the valley is still beautiful !

  4. Beautiful views except for the logging remains.

  5. That must have been disappointing, jennyfreckles. It still affords a fine view, but certainly not what it had been before.


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