Monday, 14 September 2015


I haven't posted a picture of these two gorgeous girls lately. When I go to visit them in their new home there is usually so much going on that I don't find time for photos - and besides, they tend to pull faces when confronted with a proper camera! Their mum, on the other hand, manages to whip her phone out and produce wonderfully natural pictures like this, seemingly quite effortlessly. They had gone into the fields at the bottom of their garden for a picnic in the heather. One of their cats followed them and M started to stroke him and said her first proper word: cat.

She's growing up fast and is no longer content to sit still in one place but crawls around fast so that you now need a lot of vigilance! It will soon be her first birthday. E will be four in a couple of months and has just started to attend a nursery at the little local primary school nearby. She was at nursery in London a few mornings a week but this is more like pre-school and she has her first school uniform... so sweet.


  1. Hi Jenny - what a delight ... all three - the cat looks like she's in heaven ... while the kids are learning so fast. What fun ... enjoy having them nearer you ... cheers Hilary

  2. What colourful clothes kids have these days...shame to make them wear school uniforms.

  3. Aw...what cute girls! So fun to see them, too!
    That cat looks just like my Socks!

  4. Adorable! They grow so fast.


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