Friday, 25 September 2015

Ghosts of the past

Saltaire Festival Open Gardens 2015: I was less sure of my reaction to these 'floating' sculptures by Cameron Hopkins. They looked like disembodied shirt sleeves and made me think of ghosts of the people who may have lived in the houses.  Each garden that was open had, pinned up, a sheet of information about the house and who was recorded as living there in the past. Members of Saltaire's history club have done a lot of research on the census information for the village. It is often quite astonishing how many people were packed into the tiny two-up, two-down houses in Victorian times. One I read listed a mother, her nine children and a lodger!


  1. I'm not sure about those "sleeves" either...but would enjoy the history of the homes as well.

  2. Everything can be "modern art" today ! and some people believe in it !

  3. Is it OK if I say that those sleeves are dreadful? How about if I whisper?


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