Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Heather moorland

Late August/early September is when the heather is at its peak locally. I wish I could convey the beauty of it: the intense purple, tumbling in tussocks across the hillsides like the swelling of an ocean. Photos never really seem to do it justice, in the same way as photos of bluebells are often a little disappointing. I look for leading lines and foreground interest, in the same way as I do with any photo, but then that fails to communicate the sheer vastness and glory of it. Ah well....


  1. I can very well imagine how it looks in reality ! the English countryside is so beautiful !

  2. Hi Jenny - amazing photo - just stunning ... the heather looks like it should ... pink fluffy and heathery!! I think you've done well here ... and those Yorkshire Moors - they do encompass the horizon ... looks just beautiful .. cheers Hilary

  3. Cameras never seem to be able to capture the experience that our eyes capture. Lovely pic though, Jenny!


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