Thursday, 17 September 2015

Spot the difference

It's quite a while since I visited Bingley's famous Five Rise Locks, though I've featured them before on my blog, not least when they were being renovated (see here).  There is a bit of a 'spot the difference' going on if you look at one of my earliest photos of this same view, which I've added below. There are two significant differences: one is that the ugly, 'brutalist' modern building in the centre of Bingley that was originally the HQ of the Bradford and Bingley Building Society has been torn down. You can see it in the earlier photo, right behind that tall black chimney. The second difference is that some of the lock gates have been renewed. I think the older painted gates looked rather smarter but perhaps they decided a new paint job was a bridge too far, given the cost and difficulty of renewing the gates themselves.


  1. Trees with leaves makes a big difference too. I like the painted gates better but I guess paint doesn't make the gates safer.

  2. There is quite a height difference there!


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