Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tems Beck, Giggleswick

The River Ribble runs through the valley between Giggleswick and Settle, on its way down from the high moorland to the sea near Blackpool. There is also a meandering stream known as Tems Beck running through the village, necessitating some old and pretty bridges, at least one of which is a slate 'clapper bridge' made out of a single piece of rock.

All in all, Giggleswick is an attractive place to explore. No doubt it has a busier feel outside of the school holidays but it is still one of those places where time almost feels to have stood still. The careful observer can detect many fascinating traces of its past, like the unusual stone stiles known as 'knee pinch' stiles, that separate the village from the (playing) fields around. 

I enjoyed reading the 'conservation area' appraisal - hooray for the internet!


  1. I love the way that little becks make their way through Dales villages, running between the houses. Your photos here capture that magic perfectly.

  2. Hi Jenny - I too love the photos - better than in the Conservation Area appraisal - but they have some interesting historical snippets re the village .. Giggleswick has given you and us plenty to enjoy ... cheers Hilary

  3. Oh what a pretty place that is, Jenny! And your pics have been wonderful.

  4. Your first photo shows a lovely little unspoiled spot.


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