Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Yorkshire lass

'I still don't know why, exactly, but I do feel that people can have a spiritual connection to landscape.' Hannah Kent

Thus ends my holiday - back to the city - and I leave the landscape that I have grown to love and feel as 'home' even though it isn't where I was raised. I guess I've lived in Yorkshire long enough now (45 years) to feel like I belong and to claim it as mine. (Some would say you can only claim it if you were born here... but then, I never actually wanted to play cricket for Yorkshire... ha!) I do love the open spaces, the wide valleys and the heather moors, the drystone walls and the limestone pavements, the trees, the barns and the stone cottages. Thankfully this view (looking down into Littondale and the village of Arncliffe) and others like it are only an hour or so's drive away from my home in Saltaire. So I shall soon return.

Of course, it's actually a few weeks now since I got back from the Dales and autumn is well and truly here now - fiery colours this year but some wind and rain coming in now too. I have been out and about trying to find some good seasonal photos, so watch this space....


  1. Another glorious view that could only be the Yorkshire Dales. I've always found that when you walk in an area you forge a connection to the land in a way that travelling through in a car never achieves.

  2. It is rainy and windy here today too, Jenny!

  3. This is a pretty special environment, jennyfreckles. It is easy to see why you love it.

  4. I certainly enjoyed your holiday! I wish I could come back to England...

  5. I believe Hannah Kent. We long for a spiritual connection to a place close to our hearts.


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