Sunday, 25 October 2015

Malham Cove

I was sure I had a photo of Malham Cove on my blog. I didn't go walking up to it on this trip, as I've been so many times. But I can't find a blog post about it so I must have dreamed that. I have, however, managed to locate an earlier photo I took (May 2007!).  It shows the cove and a group of birdwatchers. Peregrine falcons nest and breed on the face of the cove. They are relatively rare and endangered but wonderful birds to watch, so the RSPB sets up an observation post to monitor their breeding progress over the summer months. Volunteers are on hand to help people look through telescopes and see the birds.  See here.

The photo doesn't really convey the sheer size of the cove, which sweeps round in a big arc. There's a wonderful area of limestone pavement at the top (if you can face the climb; there are steps... hundreds) and at the bottom a small stream bubbles up from the base of the rock, flowing out from the labyrinth of tunnels and caverns that make up limestone country.


  1. Hi Jenny,
    this is a very good image!
    Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my Sunflowers and Autumn Fruit Still Life. I'm pleased you like some of my still life work. I have been following your blog for quite a while now. I like Saltaire and since it is close to where I live I want to explore it a bit more. I plan to do it this winter while the weather is not great for walks in my beloved Bronte Country. I find your blog inspirational in terms of where to go, and I also like your writing style. English is my second language so I sometimes struggle with my blog. Reading well written blogs like yours helps me a lot. It is good that you got in touch. Thank you and "see" you around. x

  2. It's beautiful! In America, alas, there would probably be graffiti all over it.


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