Monday, 5 October 2015

Posforth Gill and the Valley of Desolation

I spent absolutely ages trying to find this waterfall!  Happily, it was worth the effort. The Bolton Abbey estate covers a large area with varied scenery. There is a walk - known as the Valley of Desolation - which I'd never done before. It follows a little stream (Posforth Gill) up the valley and eventually on to Barden Fell and the hill known as Simon's Seat. The Gill flows over this lip in a rather attractive waterfall. Whatever desolation there once was (caused apparently by a huge storm in 1826) has long since been repaired by Mother Nature.

To find the falls, you had to take a steep path down to the left off the main footpath but I missed the turn and went on upwards, nearly making it onto Simon's Seat, before I realised my error. Never mind, it was a good walk and good to get the exercise. I do a lot of walking but mostly along fairly flat paths (like the canal towpath) so striding up a hill for a change is good for my heart and lungs!


  1. A lovely shot, Jenny! Worth the uphill walk.

  2. The walk was probably very good for you. I have to push myself to get outside and walk, although I do so just about every day.

    The soft waterfall is pretty. It is always hard to decide whether to freeze the water or to give it a soft flow, like this, isn't it?

  3. How beautiful! Thank you for making the trek! And I love the name Valley of Desolation.


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