Saturday, 17 October 2015


There is some spectacular colour in some of our autumn trees this year. As always, a blue sky sets the russets off nicely - pity we don't see too much of the blue at this time of year. I am not sure why the colours vary so much year on year but we must have had the right conditions for colour this year.


  1. Sumacs can be a pain for gardeners, can't they? But their autumn colours never disappoint.

    1. Martin, I think this is a humble rowan tree. This year they have the colour we'd associate with sumacs.

  2. Just beautiful especially with the blue sky. Hope you have more of them.

  3. You were lucky with the sky this time Jenny, the blue looks fab against the autumn colour.

  4. We have that kind of weather today so those threes that have changed look spectacular in the sunshine!

  5. It's like living inside some Tupperware down here today so the blue sky is particularly welcome.

  6. Great color, jennyfreckles. I thought it was sumac, too. (And no lederhosen for me!)


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