Sunday, 11 October 2015

Treasure within

Holy Trinity Church, Wensley is a veritable treasure trove of interesting features inside. The octagonal font is dated 1662 and has an attractive, carved pineapple finial. (Pineapples are a symbol of welcome.)

In the chancel is a pretty three-bay arcade dating to the early 14th century (1300s).

The choir stalls have some lovely carved pew ends, dated 1527. I rather liked this dog with its bone.

As in many of our English churches, the stained glass is beautiful. This one is 'The Light of the World', reminiscent of the famous Holman Hunt painting and so I assume the window glass is Victorian.

There was some wonderful and vibrant tapestry work in the kneelers.

The nave has some box pews and holds the Scrope family pew, set high up over the rest of the congregation. It is comfortable with cushions and curtains, either so that the aristocrats need not see or be seen by the riff-raff or perhaps so they could snooze during long sermons, who knows? The Scropes were the Lords of Bolton and resided nearby in Bolton Castle (which is still owned by the family) - where Mary, Queen of Scots was housed for six months after she fled Scotland. The pew still holds prayer books and hymnals inscribed 'Lord Bolton'.


  1. Wonderful things in there, Jenny!

  2. beautiful....I love that pineapple finial!

  3. It always gets to me when I see the dates in places like this. 1662. 1300s. 1527. In Connecticut, we think of 1900 as old. In Naples, 1980 was practically the Middle Ages.

  4. Lovely post and photos. I like the font and the dog with the bone, and those prayer books and hymnals, imagine the hands that have held those over all those years!

  5. In places like this, the first thing I think about is the many hands that have touched the stone, and unwittingly given the wood it's patina.

  6. What a treasure, Jenny. Lovely shots. So much history.

  7. Your pictures are always so wonderfully clear.


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