Saturday, 27 February 2016


I seem to be noticing these pampas grass plants everywhere just lately and I've decided I like them. Or, at least, that they make an interesting photo. I like the juxtaposition of the textures and shapes of the feathery fronds, the wood fence and the metal work here.

I am following some tutorials on the internet by Kim Klassen and learning how to use pre-sets and textures, so here I have applied one of her pre-sets, just to try it. I decided I quite liked the bleached effect. The tutorials are helpful, though being deaf I can't always hear the voice-over on the videos so I am only getting half the learning I could do. Sigh, that's life....


  1. They are really beautiful and they look great in the photos.

  2. Hi Jenny - love your photos and pampas is fine and very pretty - as long as it's outside. Just so sorry about the tutorials - but I guess it's something you adjust to ... irritating and time consuming though it may be. But you're doing great - and you are at least willing to give it a try via the net ...

    Take care - all the best Hilary


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