Sunday, 21 February 2016

Looking up

Such a glorious blue sky, so welcome after the long months of rain and grey cloud. The new shoots on the willows are a wonderful soft apricot colour, a pretty contrast against the blue. There are planes constantly flying over this part of Leeds on the flight path to the local airport. Spot the little contrail?

Of course, white blossom always looks gorgeous against blue sky too. There can't be many of us photographers who haven't snapped a few pictures like this:

Since I took these, we've gone back to grey skies, rain and wind. :(


  1. What a beautiful sky!
    Happy Sunday to you:)

  2. We had a few of those days too but now we're back to living inside some tupperware (as Bill Bryson once described life in England).

  3. Hi Jenny - it's the way of February isn't it .. we just enjoy that sun when we see it .. the mist and drizzle is pouring off the Downs here ... cheer Hilary

  4. I did spot the contrail. Here we won't see blossoms until late April and into May.

  5. The blue lifts the spirits while it lasts!

  6. Totally agree with you, it's been very grey in my area as well.


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