Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunny Skipton

I had to make a trip to Skipton to visit the optician. Bad news for my wallet! My eyes seem to have changed a lot in the last two years and I have to admit that things are getting a little hazy, so hopefully new glasses will improve matters. Being deaf, my eyesight is very important and precious. I have a complicated prescription so I need to take care of myself and make the investment in good lenses. They will take about two weeks to be made so I will have a repeat visit soon.

I always enjoy a wander round the town and the sun made a brief, welcome appearance late in the afternoon. This bridge is the historic Coach Street Bridge that crosses the Springs Branch Canal where it joins the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. In the background you can see the tower of the parish church, Holy Trinity.


  1. Hi Jenny - I can see that maintaining your eyesight is imperative .. and I hope the glasses improve things and your eyes will stay with you.

    It'll be good to see Skipton through your eyes .. so going back will bring us some good photos ... the sun has been in short supply recently - though today it is out. The old coach bridge looks a delight ... while the barges are certainly cheerful ... and I bet the Holy Trinity Church has lots of interesting history ...

    Cheers and all the best - Hilary

  2. Welcome to the club of changing glasses ! I had to do this 2 month ago, it made a big hole in my wallet I could have spent wonderful 2 weeks holidays in a sunny country for the same price, all inclusive ! Now I see not like an eagle, but a little better. I am shortsighted and for driving it's important !

  3. Good luck with the new lenses. Mine have quit working but I fear the next step is surgery. But I have ever hope of the ability to keep reading for decades longer.

  4. Hopefully all's smooth in getting the new glasses. What a lovely bridge!

  5. I'll have to visit there whenever I get over the pond some day!

  6. It is a lovely, colorful rustic scene, jennyfreckles. Sorry that the cost of your new lenses is high, but, as you note, having vision as good as can be is especially important for you.


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