Friday, 19 February 2016

Swan lake

There were more birds around than it appears. I discovered many years ago that often you think there is very little there but then, quietly sitting in a hide, you begin to 'get your eye in' and uncover many more species. Nature reserves usually have a chalkboard somewhere where people list what they have spotted, which can help you to know where to look. It seems that at Rodley there has been a bittern in the reedbeds but I didn't hear it - and they are secretive birds, notoriously difficult to see. Geese, ducks and swans are much more obvious and I still love watching the graceful mute swans.


  1. You need a bit of patience for bird watching, and a long lens for bird shooting.

  2. A nice place to sit and wait for a bird to appear, Jenny!

  3. Swans certainly are a pleasure to watch.


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