Monday, 14 March 2016

Circular walk - Thackley and Esholt - map

I just had a brainwave! Since I was following a pre-planned walk, I can include the map. We're following the route anti-clockwise from the orange symbol. I'd printed it off to take with me (easier than a full size OS map) and it's a good job I carried it with me or I might have gone off beat a couple of times. As it was, I wandered around in the woods for rather longer than I wanted to! Woodland paths are always harder to follow unless they are particularly well-trodden. It's not that long a walk, only about 5 miles or so, though it felt longer and took longer than I might have expected. I suppose I stop to take photos so often, it all adds time.


  1. A considerable walk, but one I could do- though I wouldn't want to have a go at it on a humid day.

  2. I know what you mean about walks taking longer because of the time taken for photographs - it drives Mrs Britain bonkers. We still need to know about those intriguing slabs from yesterday. And are you going to break the news to William that Yorkshire doesn't really do 'humid'?

    1. Mike, I don't know much more about the slabs. It's a path to the village, up from (or down to) the canal and river and presumably has been there for a good 200 years, if not longer.


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