Monday, 28 March 2016

Early morning

The weather forecast for the Easter weekend was dire, with wind and rain forecast. Good Friday, however, was warm and sunny and Saturday dawned fair, though overcast. I woke at my usual going-to-work time (sigh...) and then suddenly jumped out of bed and decided to go for a walk before breakfast. This is unheard of!! Actually, it's unheard of for me to leave the house without makeup either - but I did. Thankfully, I didn't bump into anyone I know. In fact there were very few people about - a few joggers and dog-walkers, that's all. I walked about three miles, enjoying the peace and the birdsong. It's a route I've taken many times before and one that regular readers of my blog will therefore know intimately too. So the photos are variations of familiar scenes.

I enjoyed the walk, felt suitably virtuous, had a shower and breakfast when I got home and was all ready to face the day by 9.30. Not bad. And it didn't start raining until teatime!

I have started to experiment a little with filters and textures in processing, just for fun. I can never decide if they end up looking better or worse than the originals - just different, I guess. The first image has some kind of vintage effect applied. Seems reasonable, for a scene that has changed little in many years (although the buildings that once surrounded the lock have long gone).

This is the remains of old quarry workings in Hirst Woods. There are similar little pockets all over the locality, where stone was hewn for our local buildings in Victorian times. You really don't notice them unless you think about it, they seem so much part of the landscape now and nature has softened what would at one time have been an open scar. This crater only really becomes obvious in winter when the trees have no leaves.

Spotted my first bluebells too - way too early. Go back to sleep, little ones!


  1. My local weather forecast says it's raining heavily and blowing a gale out there, which is strange because I've just ventured outside and it's a still, cloudy morning - the lull before the storm??
    Whatever the effect used that first one is a lovely picture of one of our waterways.

  2. Hi Jenny - your photography is just wonderful ... and it's great you're experimenting - love see the changing seasons. Bluebells - I spotted some down here the other day ...

    Happy Easter Monday ... and hope you and the family had a lovely time - cheers Hilary

  3. I wondered if you had used an effect on the first shot Jenny, gives the scene a lovely mellow and as you say appropriately aged look. You did make me smile with your story about leaving the house without makeup, we're all the same we women :) I know I've sometimes arrived somewhere and thought 'oh hang on did I brush my hair'.. but can be assured the perfume and mascara is right there :)

  4. I laughed at your story - I never go through the door without makeup! And a hike before breakfast …..!

  5. The second shot particularly catches my eye- and yes, the tell tales of quarrying are there when you look, but nature has a good way of reclaiming things. The canal reminds me of ours.

  6. More of your lovely local compositions. Jennyfreckles, I suspect that your complexion is so clear and your skin so fresh that you are one of the fortunate women who doesn't even need makeup.


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