Saturday, 5 March 2016

Forster's face

William Forster's statue (see yesterday's post) perhaps makes more sense when viewed from this angle, as one leaves the new Broadway shopping centre. The backdrop is the 1886 Grade II listed St Peter's House, a fine and majestic building that was at one time Bradford's main Post Office. Like the old Forster Square area in which it stands, the building has had many incarnations but thankfully has been spared from demolition (a fate that overtook many of the Victorian buildings in the vicinity in the 1950s and 60s). (See here for some history.)  It now houses Kala Sangam, a centre for arts, heritage and culture. Behind St Peter's House is the city's Cathedral and the area known as Little Germany.


  1. Love your choice of black and white Jenny, I'm always relieved when I hear that wonderful old buildings like St. Peter's House survived the 50/60's and that it's being used for artistic endeavours :)

  2. So glad it was's beautiful!

  3. The background certainly does suit Forster well- good that the building was saved.


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