Sunday, 24 April 2016

A miscellany

A few more random shots taken around Saltaire during this year's World Heritage Weekend. There was busking on the barge. A good festival always needs a bit of music...

In Roberts Park, some lovely Border Collies almost seduced me into thinking I could do with a dog! They were from the Freedom of Spirit Trust (FOSTBC) in Bingley, which rescues and rehomes Border Collies. (I know the dog at the back isn't a Border Collie!)

And finally, the opportunity to indulge in some genteel croquet, one of the pastimes that was apparently promised when Saltaire's park was first planned, though it seems doubtful whether it actually took place. However, one of the park's top lawns seemed ideal for this game. It is harder than it looks, judging by rate of failure to get the ball through the hoops... at least during the time I was watching.


  1. Haven't played croquet for a very long time. Looks like a nice day for it.

  2. The dogs are cuties. I haven't tried croquet since I was a kid.


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