Saturday, 2 April 2016

Another Sunday saunter

Another beautiful Sunday a couple of weeks ago, with early Spring sunshine and almost cloudless sky. It would have been criminal to stay inside. Are you ready for another walk?

I parked my car in Calverley village, an attractive little place on the boundary of Leeds and Bradford. I took my DSLR but when I took it out of its case it was showing 'No SD card'...  :-(  I thought I must have omitted to put it back in when I uploaded the last lot of photos. Never mind, thought I, I have a spare in the case... er, no... wrong! So I left my camera in the car boot and took my trusty iPhone instead. It doesn't cope so well with bright sunshine but - heigh ho - some photos are better than no photos. The irony was that when I got home I discovered the SD card was in the camera after all but for some reason it wasn't registering properly.

The walk was supposed to be about 4.5 miles. Maybe it was 'travelling light' without my heavy camera or maybe the route was simply easier, but I did it much quicker than the previous walk.


  1. That's good exercise!

    I remember once before I got a digital camera, I once shot a full roll of film of a mother moose and her calf. I got home, looked at the camera... there wasn't a roll of film in it.

  2. I have been looking at your posts in reverse order. Those shots were all with your iPhone? They were excellent. Sometimes I wonder why we try so hard with our DSLRs when our iPhones make very good images.


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