Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Birch trees

Trees in Strid Wood at Bolton Abbey. The woodland is very ancient and full of sessile oaks but there are a few areas of younger trees like these birches. I think birches are very photogenic and I liked the darker trunk next to the light one. 


  1. Interesting in black and white. Not sure about the tree in the middle cutting the photo in half. (I'm just being a nit picker, sorry)

  2. I really like it. Even with this "cutting" in the middle. I must say, I like this kind of "imperfections" :)
    Well done!

    Have a nice day!

    Martina (Ulm Daily photo)

  3. Love this image Jenny, black and white was an excellent choice and I agree birch trees are incredibly photogenic.

  4. Birches are so interesting. Especially in groves like these. In California we have aspen trees, no birches.

  5. Perfect, jennyfreckles.


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