Saturday, 2 April 2016

Calverley walk 1

Spring flowers again, right beside where I parked my car. They get a walk off to a pleasant start.

The village of Calverley sits halfway between the cities of Leeds and Bradford. It has medieval origins and there are a few buildings that are very old, but the majority date from the 1850s onwards. The village's location, within easy reach of Bradford's woollen mills but pleasantly rural in character, led to it being a popular residence for some prominent industrialists in the late 19th century and there are some rather grand houses. The one below is now The Calverley Arms, a pub restaurant with some accommodation.

From this high point there are good views over the northern suburbs of Leeds but we will cross the field (it's OK, no cows!) and drop down to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal nestled in the valley.

The canal crossing, Owl Bridge, is one of the many swing bridges along this stretch, useful for walkers but a trial for boaters, who have to stop to open and close every one. I didn't see an owl though.


  1. I really like Calverley but have never actually gone for a walk around there, and your post has inspired me to do so. Carlverley Arms is my favourite place to eat. As it happens we booked in there for a Sunday lunch tomorrow. Lovely photos, Jenny, looking forward to more :)

  2. Owl Bridge really catches my eye. You don't see bridges like that here.

  3. It looks like a lovely area!

  4. Sure looks a nice place to walk. Nice old house.

  5. A fine place to walk and it looks like a perfect day.


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