Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Calverley walk 5

I always think this is a very fine building, situated on Calverley's main street (now unfortunately a busy through road) and right next to the church. It is a pair of semi-detached townhouses, built in the mid 1700s and unusual for their time. It appears that the building may be empty now, which seems a great shame if it is.

A few blossom trees in the churchyard are a welcome reminder of Spring coming - and it did feel like it in the warm sunshine. Across the road from the church there are more old buildings that give an idea of what the village used to be like. This short and winding little lane is called The Wicket, though I don't know why. An old sketch (here) suggests it has changed little on the face of it, in many years. But the modest semi-detached cottages dating back to before1755 are now worth a cool £250,000.

There is some fascinating information about Calverley in this document if you are interested in social and architectural history.


  1. It sure dies look like an old world village. The houses are lovely.

  2. Hopefully some use can be found for the old townhouses- the building has a lot of character.

  3. The townhouses look wonderful! Hope they are waiting for renewal.

  4. It is a fine looking place. I am surprised that the house in the first photograph is unoccupied. It looks quite nice. Maybe the nearby road is a problem for potential buyers.

  5. A wonderful house -- love those windows.


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