Thursday, 7 April 2016

Car - verley!

The final few steps of our 5 mile Calverley circular walk, back to my little red car...  This will not be my little red car for much longer as I am buying myself a new one - though the new one is also a very cheery red. I will be sad to say goodbye to my trusty friend. It was my mum's car until she died a few years ago and although it's now 15 years old it still has less than 50,000 miles on the clock. It has never given either of us a minute's trouble and, with that reliability in mind, I am buying another Toyota Yaris, but this time a Hybrid model. I only hope it proves to be an equally wise purchase and will last me a good many years.


  1. That's my father's favourite colour for cars. The flowers are a lovely sight, and a reminder of how far behind our spring is.

  2. Nicely composed, jennyfreckles. I thought that this was your new car. Remarkable that it is a 15-year old car. Your mother and you have taken good care of it. And, selling one red car and getting a new red car? We amateur psychologists are having fun interpreting the appeal of bright red to you.

  3. I am still in shock that the car was 15 years old and had under 50,000 miles. That is amazing for a car that old. I would have kept it, but I can understand you wanting a newer Toyota Yaris too. The new hybrids are so efficient and great for the environment that you should have another 15 years of joy.


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