Friday, 22 April 2016

The Glen Tramway

The only remaining attraction from those Victorian pleasure grounds is the Shipley Glen Cable Tramway, a funicular (cable railway) with two carriages that takes people up and down the steep hillside from Saltaire to Shipley Glen.

It was lovely to see people flocking to use it. It is maintained and run on a shoestring by volunteers. It unfortunately suffered badly in the devastating rainfall on Boxing Day, when the valley was flooded and water cascading down the hill washed away a lot of the track and meant extensive repair work has had to be undertaken to restore and make it safe to use again.

The staff were dressed in Victorian costume, entering into the Festival spirit. I would have liked a ride to the top but I had woken with a migraine and wasn't feeling anything like my usual self, so it was a short visit just to take a few photos.


  1. I can think of only one of these here- and you wouldn't see staff wearing Victorian costume there, if it's still in business.


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