Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Camellias have such rich colours and are wonderfully showy blooms. This is a particularly pretty pink; I'd love a sweater in that colour. Such a pity that in this country they flower in early spring and almost always get blighted by frost. It makes them turn brown. Magnolias tend to suffer in the same way. I suppose they are non-native, originating from south-east Asia and so they are not especially suited to our northern climate.

These photos were also taken at RHS Harlow Carr Gardens. It is amazing how much the trees have leafed out in the three weeks since I was there. I have a few more pictures taken there that I might post at some point. Everywhere looks so pretty at this time of year and there is so much happening that I've ended up with a sudden glut of photos and don't have time to show them all. It seems wrong to get hopelessly out of sync with events. So, something different tomorrow...


  1. Beautifully composed photo plus a lovely shade of pink!

  2. very pretty. Nothing is wrong in blogging out of sync.

  3. I agree about the beautiful colour!

  4. You are right. It is a beautiful pink. With your pale coloring, you would look great in a sweater that color.


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