Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Christmas tree?

My original posts for today and yesterday have disappeared... Blogger suddenly started duplicating posts, so I deleted some of the duplicated drafts - and then the originals disappeared too! Along with everyone's comments. Grr. Sorry to those who took time to comment.

I can't remember what I said about this, except that I like the wonderful purple cone-like blooms. With their glowing red tips, they look like little candles on a Christmas tree.  I have no idea what species the tree is. RHS Harlow Carr has some exotic and interesting cultivars.

I was pleased with how my new lens performed on this one too.  It's good to be able to play around a bit more with depth of field though I have yet to perfect the art.


  1. Came out nicely this photo. Sorry to hear about your blogger problems. A new lens, that is always fun, A prime lens perhaps?

  2. Good contrast between the colours, green and purple.

  3. It is a wonderful plant. They almost do not look real. I am glad you persevered. I have been having trouble also.

  4. Hi Jenny - I did comment and how strange that the post disappeared ... I'd hate that to happen to mine!

    Love the Christmas tree look - aren't those cones fun ...

    Good luck with Blogger from now on .. cheers Hilary

  5. Can't say that I have ever seen a tree like that one.

    I read about many people having Blogger problems these days. So far I have been spared except for just one day when I couldn't load a photo with Safari so I shifted over to Chrome and got it done. I had not heard about Blogger eating whole posts before.


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