Saturday, 14 May 2016

Neck and neck

Three Dragon Boat teams competed in each qualifying race, and each team had three qualifying races. Each team's single fastest qualifying time over the three races was then collated. The Grand Final Race then took place between the fastest teams, to decide the overall winner.  Many of the heats were neck and neck - and only one boat capsized, which was pretty good, I guess. Then the Grand Final had to be rerun owing to a collision but, all in all, things went rather well.

The river bank isn't designed for lots of spectators and it was tricky to find a good spot to take photos from. There was a large screen in the park showing the races, along with lots of attractions for visitors: fairground rides, food stalls, bars, music and a street market. And there was a cricket match going on too! It was all great fun, made more special by the delightful weather.

And the winners were..... Red Phoenix, a team from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Well done to them!


  1. It would have been a nice time to enjoy this race. I like to see this race.

  2. Terrific shots. The one done here is on a large area of one of our rivers. I should really photograph it this year.

  3. We live in a beautiful place, but it always looks better there.

  4. Sounds like an interesting day watching them race.


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