Saturday, 21 May 2016

The red, red robin

There were plenty of little birds enjoying the sunshine and, with few leaves on the trees, it was a good time to spot them. Harlow Carr must be bird paradise... there are nest boxes and areas that are carefully managed for wildlife so there must be abundant food - and no cats, at least as far as I have seen.

I was trying out my new lens. (Hooray, finally treated myself!) I have been feeling for some time that I needed a bit more 'reach' than my old 18-55mm lens had. After much deliberation I have bought an 18-200mm. I realised that I wasn't going to be bothered a) to carry more than one lens and b) to start swapping lenses over whilst I am out and about. Getting one that covered the same ground plus a bit more seemed sensible. It's a bit heavier but not unreasonably so. I am on a learning curve now, particularly in terms of getting the depth of field right. It does mean I stand more chance of getting photos of wildlife, though it's not something I am very practised at so far. At least robins sit there obligingly and don't freak out too much when a person turns a camera on them!


  1. Pretty shots! I don't see birds like that here.

  2. Your robins are such cute wee things compared to our big ones. I always like them on British Christmas cards!

  3. Your robins are much paler than ours are. An American robin is good sized and has a distinctive red breast. And, a new lens? Congratulations! You will like having it. My every day lens is 18 - 135 mm, and it lets me do both wide angle scenes and moderate close-ups. Yours will reach even further.


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