Tuesday, 19 July 2016

City waterways

You wouldn't necessarily realise if you simply hopped off the train and aimed for the shopping centre in Leeds, but the south of the city centre is threaded though by waterways - the River Aire and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. In fact the rail station is built right over the river, which flows through culverts beneath. Some of the old dockland warehouses survive and have been converted into apartments, hotels and business premises. In and amongst, a lot of new buildings have been constructed in the last decade or so. Leeds has, reasonably successfully, brought residential living right into the heart of the city and created a vibrant area around the waterfront.  Of course, it meant that part of the city was badly flooded on Boxing Day and, even now, remedial work is being carried out and a huge flood prevention scheme is underway.


  1. Like lots of other places they've discovered why the ground floor of the old warehouses was only used for storing waggons and other easily moved items.

  2. Much of the land here immediately adjoining the rivers especially, but also the Canal, is set aside as parkland. At one point, that often wasn't the case. Beautiful captures!

  3. Nice shots. I once walked a considerable length of the Regents Park canal. It opened up the City of London in a way I couldn't have predicted.


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