Friday, 15 July 2016

Morris dances

Royal Preston Morris Dancers in action...
The costumes are traditional and each dance side has its own livery. They don't usually wear peaked caps (as far as I recall) and I wasn't sure about those!  Made them look rather incongruously like school boys. The dancing was good though. You should hear the sound of eight sets of clogs pounding on a wooden floor...


  1. There's no doubt that some Morris Dancers look completely daft. But the dancing is always fun to watch. And, sometimes, more than that. Friends of ours areregulars and some of their dances are quite amazing - exhilarating, in fact.

  2. Those caps are unusual headgear for Morris Men, though Headington Quarry Morris Men have always worn them and they were the side from whom Cecil Sharp collected many of the Cotswold dances in the early 1900s.

  3. Until your previous post, I'd never heard of the tradition.

  4. They look like they are having such fun, Jenny!


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