Sunday, 19 March 2017

And finally ...

Bradford Walking Tour 8
Another couple of photos from the Bradford Walking Tour, quirky things that took my fancy.  The first is a metal railing above an archway that was apparently the entrance to a Quaker school, though I can find little information about it.

The second is an old carved fragment that now sits on a wall in the open space at the heart of Little Germany. Called Festival Square, the open area was created around 1990 as part of an ambitious scheme to regenerate the conservation area. They sought to bring in creative industries and community arts ventures as well as converting many of the historic buildings into apartments. Fifteen years on, it is apparent from the general atmosphere of the area that this vision has had limited success. I suppose some buildings had to be demolished to make the square, so perhaps the cherub came from one of those.


  1. The long, flat bricks are interesting. It is a pity the mason did not chisel a date or his personal symbol on the keystone. I would suggest that this archway is not old, more symbolic.

  2. The fragment reminds me of the odd item I've seen here on the estate of a former PM here who had a habit of recovering items from buildings being demolished and putting them there.

  3. Your angel fragment is very appealing. Too bad the attempt to revive the area has struggled. Happens too often over here, too.

  4. Very interesting.....I always wonder how things end up in unusual places.....


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