Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Blooming lovely

I'm interrupting the city centre walk series to bring a touch of Spring and bluer skies...
The crocuses in Bradford's Lister Park always make a lovely show but this year they seem especially spectacular. For a few years (many years ago) I was lucky enough to have an apartment overlooking the park and always enjoyed the view. Some years the crocus and the daffodil flower more or less together but this year the daffodils are a little bit behind, in most places.

The next few weeks are, I think, going to see an explosion of buds, blossom and bulbs if the weather continues the same. Spring! It's the hardest time for blogging, I find, as I'll be posting photos I took a couple of weeks back and they will make it look like it's still winter, when in reality the season is moving on fast.


  1. Hi Jenny - love these ... they are an amazing flower - the colours work so well together ... we are moving into Spring that's for sure ... cheers Hilary

  2. Fantastic. My image of Bradford is changed forever!

  3. Blooming gorgeous, Jenny. Crocuses remind me of Croydon; it always tickles me that 'Croydon' means 'crocus valley'. I had an office there for years.

    1. I grew up in Earlsfield, South London - I had no idea Croydon meant 'crocus valley', and I have to confess crocuses are not the first thing I associate with Croydon. I'm new to all this internet stuff but I'm learning so much and it's challenging so many pre-conceived assumptions - fantastic!

  4. Beautiful! The mass flowers in Spring are a joy to see.

  5. Great to see. Would be fun to shoot a few macro photos here.

  6. We have snow here again and you can see little Winter Aconite poking their heads up through it - sad little things!

  7. What a sight. Your heart must have soared.


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