Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Bradford Commercial Bank

Back to the city centre now, after our little detour to the park yesterday...

Bradford Walking Tour 4
There are many decorative doorways in Bradford, if you stop to notice them. This one is in a French Gothic style building, on the corner of Hustlergate and Bank Street, that was built in 1868 as the premises of Bradford Commercial Bank. The  building is still used as a bank, although the original banking company has of course been absorbed by many mergers over the years. It is now NatWest, part of the RBS banking group.

The original banking hall can still be seen. Another case of 'look up' because although at floor level the fixtures are all modern glass and steel, the original decorated, vaulted and corbelled ceiling and marble pillars are still there to be marvelled at. Rather splendid...


  1. Jenny this is a very handsome building indeed. Thank you for your expert explanation.

  2. Very splendid! I bank at Lloyds - I've often thought their ceiling a few doors down is quite fancy but not a patch on this!

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.


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